ShakeSphere Tumbler Matte Black with White Logo


The ShakeSphere Tumbler is a high-quality shaker bottle which has a spherical base and a spherical lid meaning that none of its contents can get stuck in the corners because there are no corners- making it easy to clean. No mixing ball or mesh is required as the capsule shape does the mixing for you.   The bottle has a 700ml fill capacity, a 100% leak-proof, rubber and silicone blend with new sliding cap which has an adjustable finger loop. It is made from BPA free plastic meaning that no harmful chemicals from the plastic are transferred to the contents.   It is incredibly versatile and can be used everyday. It can be stored in the fridge & freezer. It is a compact and versatile design made unique to you by it's availability in matte black with white logo. Matte finish is not suitable for the dishwasher so please wash by hand only.  

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