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From mainstream lifestyle media to international publications, here are just some of the media outlets which have featured our product.

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Protein shaker bottle 700mls "Tumbler View" Rose Gold/Black Logo/Black Window


Protein shaker bottle 700mls "Tumbler View" Matte White/Black Window


Protein shaker bottle 24.6 Fl Oz ShakeSphere Tumbler Double Wall Steel Matte Black


The One Shaker To Rule Them all

Our award-winning shaker bottle is quickly becoming the go-to accessory for all fitness enthusiasts. If you’ve not seen it in action, get ready to see some pretty cool party tricks.

ShakeSphere Workout Bottles

Best Quality

ShakeSphere Shaker Bottles
Revolutionary Capsule Design

Revolutionary Capsule Design

The unique capsule design of our blender bottle is the only of its type in the world. The science behind the shape means that ZERO mixture gets stuck, resulting in a silky smooth shake every time.

Blends Fruit with No Blades

Blends Fruit With No Blades

No more bladed machines or batteries needed. The mixing process within our shaker bottles purees almost all soft fruit, which leaves a paste perfect for your favourite smoothie.

No Waste, No Mess, Saves You Money

No Waste, No Mess, Saves You Money

As the protein shaker leaves no waste, this means there is no mess, AND it saves you money. No waste = no wasted protein powder! Plus, no mess = minimal cleaning needed and very hygienic.

Over 1 Million Shakers Sold Worldwide


We’ve come a long way since our first shaker design, and we’ve now sold over 1 million shakers worldwide - all thanks to you guys, the awesome ShakeSphere community!

Leak Proof Guaranteed


It’s not all about the capsule. The unique lid and silicone seal has gone through rigorous prototyping to ensure that every workout shaker is 100% leakproof - guaranteed.

We're A Family Company


There are a lot of cogs which go into getting your ShakeSphere products shipped across the world, but at its core is a family team who started it all.

ShakeSphere Shaker Bottles

Best Design

Jamaica player with ShakeSphere Bottles

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