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Winner Of "Best Protein Shaker" Award By Men's Health


Worth the Purchase

Easy to clean, color is awesome. Not to big and not too small. Mixes great AS ADVERTISED.

RossKinderman R

Yeee Boiii

Quality item and does the job.

Peter Z

Awesome for powdered drink mixing.

Mixing is very good. And cleaning is also very easy.

Thomas Hay

High Quality Pill Storage

Well-made, deep enough for a lot of pills. Great product and gift.

Aaron Gobreski

Given what I have

This product makes me so happy to be able to use a shaker finally to get myself going on my day planning to jog and get more fitted.

Darcy Miranda

You will never purchase another shaker with mixing ball again once you try these!!!!!

These shakers are amazing!! I have purchased 2 so far and plan on picking up at least one more. The fact alone that there is no shaker ball to loose make them worth purchasing but the icing on the cake is how well they mix whatever product you put in them. Hopefully they will make larger sizes so I can start using them for smoothies. I will never purchase anything other than Shakesphere moving forward.

Christopher Houston

Love this shaker!!!!

This is a great product and the best shaker I’ve ever purchased. Honestly, I was a little skeptical about the whole puréed banana demos floating around online, but I loved the idea and design so much I decided to buy one. So, when it arrived, the first thing I did was drop a banana in it start shaking. It worked! Then I added milk and protein powder and shook again. It effortlessly blended everything. There were a few small chunks of banana left which I expected from a shaker with no blade but it blew every other shaker I’ve ever used clean out of the water! It was also super easy to clean since there are no corners and the surface on the inside is really smooth and slick. Nothing seems to stick to it. The only drawback is that due to the wide design, I’m unable to place it in the cup holder in my car. That’s a little inconvenient but the slider is tight so I had confidence laying it on its side when not in use. And like others said, the slider is pretty tight and some may find it hard to open. I personally prefer it that way for the reason mentioned above. Other than that, this thing is just about perfect.

Christopher Houston

Does everything it claims to do.

I have had various types of shaker bottles and this one is great. I was a little skeptical that it would full mix protein but it truly does a great job at mixing evenly with minimal effort. My only complaint is the sliding latch for the drinking spout is a little tight a requires a little force to slide. Hope it loosens over time. But I’d rather it be difficult to open than leak.

Christopher Houston

Just what I wanted

It was just what I was looking for - easy to use and super easy to clean.

Christopher Houston

All good.

Blends protein powder without a blender and doesn't leak when shaken. Effective.

Christopher Houston

The best shaker I've ever used.

The Shakespeare is great, as advertised, protein powder completely mixes with the liquid in here as there are no corners or surfaces that the powder can collect on to become sticky, and not combine. This used to happen constantly on previous shakers I have owned. This is much simpler, and easier to use. No ball needed, no mesh, just the best mixing of powder and liquid I've ever had from a shaker. When I first purchased it, the sliding lock for the mouth piece seemed a little reluctant to move, and I didn't want to force it and break the thing, I needn't have worried though, there is a high build quality here, and I'm not going to break it any time soon, I'm used to opening it now and it's no problem, I've had it in my bag full of protein shake and it didn't leak a single drip, which is impressive considering the sliding door. I've got a big nose, so when drinking out of this, I have to rotate it about 30 degrees so that my nose goes beside the door, that or I have to tilt my head back like I'm doing sips no lips, it's not a problem, it's just how this needs to be used. I would wholly recommend this item, easy to use, easy to clean, looks pretty cool, I got the matte black one, and most importantly, it works very well as a shaker

Christopher Houston

Best shaker I've had

Sturdy, haven't leaked, really easy to clean and mixes powders well. I haven't tried it for fruit yet, so can't say how well it handles them. The rose gold color is gorgeous.

Christopher Houston

My boyfriend doesn't leave without it!

I was skeptical getting this for my bf for his birthday but he loves practical gifts and has used it literally every day for months. The larger size hold 2 l...

Christopher Houston

It's worth it!!

Very nice! My son loved it just what he wanted to take to the gym. It's got a soft, smooth touch to it. Easy to grip!

Christopher Houston

Great Gym Water Bottle

Great gym water bottle, looks great, not too big, holds enough for a good gym workout

Christopher Houston

Good product would recommend!

Great water bottle, no bad bad plastic smells as others purchased.

Christopher Houston


Good product!

Christopher Houston

I need another.. my niece took mine!

Oh ya'll this is amazing! I have so many shaker bottles that went in recycle because I bought this bottle. You literally put the mix and milk inside and shake and its done! No shaker balls needed, seriously.. none needed!

Christopher Houston

Impressive Tumbler

Not only is it functional it’s beautiful! I have a couple of protein shakes a day and even with 8 scoops of mixture there are zero clumps. All of my ingredients and mixed well and taste delicious. So far, the tumbler is maintaining its color on the outside and it’s durable. I recommend and would purchase this baby again.

Christopher Houston

Amazing Product!

This protein shaker works astonishingly well for powder + almond milk. It left no residue at all. The shake was smooth without even a little clump, and the clean up is basically "rinse and dry. " I am thrilled to pieces! Highly recommended.

Christopher Houston
Developed with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and coaches


Our ShakeSphere Tumbler’s internal capsule shape comprising of 2 opposing half hemispheres creates a centrifugal force which breaks down all powders and mixtures with ease - leaving ZERO waste and ZERO mess.

The scientifically designed shape has been tested millions of times to ensure cleaning is equally as easy as mixing. The patented capsule shape does the mixing by continually sending your ingredients around the capsule without getting stuck in corners.

Our tumbler shaker cup comes with a slide cap that’s safe, secure and leak proof. It won’t drip on your clothing or poke you in the eye during use. Made from BPA free plastic, ShakeSphere’s rugged and sturdy design is freezer safe. NOT dishwasher safe!

Unlike other protein shakers, Shakesphere shaker tumblers don’t use a mixing ball or mesh grid to mix your ingredients. Instead, Your Shakes and drinks get blended smoothly and effectively, helping avoid lumps. No lumps mean no was waste. No waste means no nasty smells.

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Capsule Shape yes yes yes yes yes PEANUT SHAPE INTERNALLY yes yes yes CURVED LID (NOT ROUND)
Leak Proof yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Capacity (Level Fill) 700mls / 24.63 fOz 700mls / 24.63 fOz 700mls / 24.63 fOz 500mls / 17.59 fOz 700mls / 24.63 fOz 1300mls / 45.75 fOz 825mls / 825mls 400mls / 14.07 Oz 400mls / 14.07 Oz 454mls/ 16 Oz
Fits Blender E-Lid yes yes yes no yes yes yes no no no
Slide Cap yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Thermal Insulated no no yes Gel Cooling System yes no no no no no
Easy Clean yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Storage add on no no no no no no yes no no no

Protein Shaker Bottle 700mls "Tumbler Original" Matte Black/White Logo

ShakeSphere Mixer Jug 1.3l Matte Black

Protein shaker bottle 24.6 Fl Oz Double Wall Steel Mirrored Black

Magnetic Pill Storage 2 UNITS PACK

Protein Powder Stackable Storage Container 85g / 3oz, Frosted