Product Information

What is ShakeSphere?

ShakeSphere is a high-quality shaker bottle which has a spherical base and a spherical lid. This creates a capsule shape, meaning that none of its contents can get stuck in the corners.

Does ShakeSphere use mixing accessories such as mesh grids or mixing balls?

No Mixing ball or mesh is required as the spherical capsule shape does the mixing for you. Because no supplements get stuck this saves you money, and eradicates issues cleaning the shaker.

Is ShakeSphere BPA free?

Yes! We only use safe plastics in our products which don’t leach onto any harmful chemicals in liquid or food. These are FDA certified for safety.

Care and usage

How do I clean my ShakeSphere?

All ShakeSphere components come apart, so you can put it in the dishwasher or use some warm soapy water. Its really quick to clean, but we still recommend cleaning after each use.

Will my ShakeSphere smell like other shaker bottles?

No! The ShakeSphere capsule was designed with no corners, so there are no corners where your protein powders or shakes can get stuck. The less protein remaining with your bottle the less smell. We still recommend cleaning after use.

Can I freeze my ShakeSphere?

Yes! You can refrigerate and freeze all ShakeSphere Shakers.


Are ShakeSphere products patented?

Yes! ShakeSphere products are protected under multiple international patents.

Where are ShakeSphere products made?

All our products are designed in the UK and Manufactured in China.